Cold storage is needed to ensure suitable storage conditions for food items.

Our cold storage units are categorized under 2 main groups as N and D series. Units of N type are for the storage of unfrozen or fresh food, units of D type are for the storage of frozen food. N series non-frozen storage units are produced to store high water content foods like meats, fruits and vegetables. Derivative sub models are also available to provide low relative humidity in room for storage of seeds and dried food

In addition; derivative models with additional heating function are also available in our production range for the breeding egg storage in poultry sector.

TERKAN continues the Freon gas cold storage applications which started to be applied for the first time in Turkey in 1983 (under the name of Timsan) with its constantly advancing technology. The fact that our products produced before 1990 are still functional and used by our customers without any inclination to be changed is our greatest reference. Terkan’s main principle of production depends on energy-efficiency and durability.

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