Terkan is a company which produces Packaged Air Cooled Refrigeration Unit as a new technology for the first time in Turkey. With a large product range, our company provides solutions to all needs from the smallest cold storage to the largest facilities.

The subject of our main activity is food cooling systems.

Our applications include;

  • Frozen and Unfrozen Storage of foods
  • Postharvest Pre-Cooling applications of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Rapid Cooling applications for production process requirements
  • Freezing of foods by Air Blast Freezing at -35/-40°C
  • Drying applications with cooling technology
  • Monoblock Water Chillers with ice accumulation for Dairy Industry

The sectors Terkan mainly works on;

  • Fresh vegetables & fruit,
  • Sea Products,,
  • Milk and Dairy Products,
  • Egg poultry, chicken and chicken products,
  • Dried vegetables & fruit,
  • Red Meat and red meat products,
  • Raw materials of still & sparkling drinks,
  • Test rooms which needs air conditioning

TERKAN offers Project designing and technical support for food storage which meets customers’ needs best. Our main point of work relies on the principle of low energy consumption and high productivity.

Components of the Unit are comprised of products of trademarks whose quality has been approved worldwide in a way that they will adjust to the working mechanism of the system best. Exchanger units as our own design, are manufactured for full integration with the system. Thus, our products are more productive and have a longer life and quality.

As well as having principle of higher productivity with lower energy consumption, our company aims to be a solution partner for customers by means of working with qualified staff in the strict sense.

In the name of meeting customers’ perceptions and expectations, we work with various engineering sciences.

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