TERKAN is a leading Turkish company specialising in food cooling and efficiently conducting activities in all sectors.

The company was found in 1983 by Turan ERKAN and his 2 partners under name of TIMSAN to produce Packaged Air Cooled Refrigeration units as a new technology for the first time in Turkey.

The company's name changed to TERKAN as a result of a change in the structure of partnership in 2002. Founding member Turan ERKAN continues to participate in and contribute to company activities.

In July 1997, upon having an agreement on precooling technologies signed between Terkan and Pressure Cool Co., which is one of the famous producers of air conditioner in the USA, known with the HUMI-FRESH logo; the company began pre-cooling applications for post-harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. This cooperation is the most advanced precooling technology applied in the World and it was started to be applied by our Company for the first time in Turkey. In April 2005 Pressure Cool Co. decided to stop production of HUMI-FRESH. Our pre-cooling applications continue with new designs shaped on the basis of our knowledge and experience.

The company continues production in its factory in Manisa Industrial Zone.

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