There are two main stages of applications used in this method. These are; correctly planned "Forced Air Flow" and ensuring "Saturated Air" in the chamber to avoid water loss in the product placed in the high speed air flow. For satisfactory results, the project should be considered as a whole system and system must be designed by an experienced engineer. Forced Air Cooling is an indispensable pre-cooling method for water-sensitive fruits (strawberries, grape, etc.). In this pre-cooling method, the fruits are cooled as fast as possible without water loss until core temperature of the product drops down to the required storage temperature.

Application Fields

The facility in the image above is established for pre-cooling in Silifke where strawberry production is high. This application with Humi-Fresh air conditioner which was the first pre-cooling application in Turkey was done in April 2000. The facility is comprised of 3 separate units of Humi-Fresh air conditioners. Each unit is capable of cooling 4,200 Kg. of strawberry from +35°C to +2°C in 2 hours
In 2012 Terkan has produced a new and unique FAC (Forced Air Cooler) device in result of R&D studies conducted based on years of experience. This unit is capable of cooling 5,600 kg. of strawberries to +2°C in 2 hours. This type of units are in use around Silifke and Sultanhisar areas.

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