Terkan, whose first customer was Keskinoğlu, which is the biggest company of egg poultry sector in Turkey in 1983, set up cooling system of egg store of Keskinoğlu.

The first cooling system of tomato seed store was set up for SETO A.Ş. in Antalya by Terkan in 1987.

The first export was realized in 1989 and Monobloc water chiller was produced for Jordan and exported.

In 1992, the first step of business partnership was taken with Coca Cola. The partnership, which has been going on for ages, started with the investment of Bursa Factory of Coca Cola.

The first cold store export was realized in 1994. Cold Store was produced for Baku distributor of Banvit Company.

In 1997, an agreement on precooling technologies was signed between Terkan and Pressure Cool Co., which is one of the famous producers of air conditioner in the USA. This cooperation is the most advanced precooling technology applied in the World and it was started to be applied by our Company for the first time in Turkey. 

In 2000, strawberry precooling implementation was made in Silifke by Terkan for the first time in Turkey. As a result of this work, strawberry started to be exported from Turkey for the first time.

Famous American Cargill Company made investment of the first seed store in Turkey in 2000. The cooling system of this sunflower seed store was set up by Terkan. 

Terkan took part in the first leather drying study in Turkey, which was carried out with Tübitak-support and with the cooperation of Ege University Leather Engineering Department in 2005 and cooling system was designed and produced by Terkan exclusively.

In 2008, Terkan again took part in the first Project of apple drying in Turkey which was carried out with Tübitak-support and the cooperation of Ege University Mechanical Engineering Department and drying system was again designed and produced by Terkan.

Terkan, continues its works with all of its values and expert stuff, as well as maintaining its activities in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone since 2014.

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